Regular sealing of your parking lot will prolong its life and add curb appeal to keep attracting customers.

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Crack filling will prevent water penetration into your asphalt, thus prolonging the life of your parking lot.

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Keep your parking lot safe, functional and visible to all of your customers. Attract new customers with a fresh look.

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If your parking lot has pot holes, is uneven or needs resurfacing, hot-mix asphalt repairs including cut & replace are beneficial to enhancing the longevity, safety and functionality of your lot.


Grounds Maintenance

Snow Removal

  • ​Driveways 

  • Parking Lots

  • Sidewalks

  • Entry

Ice Management

  • Salt 

  • De-icing

  • 24/7 Weather Watch

At SIPS, we are proud to offer full Grounds Maintenance for commercial properties including condos, plazas, offices, churches, hospitals, restaurants, and schools. Seasonal maintenance runs all year round, with our crews working diligently to keep your property looking neat, sharp, and free of debris in the Summer, and clean of snow & ice in the Winter.

Spring/Summer Maintenance                                                              

  • Weekly Lawn Cutting                                                                     

  • Garden upkeep

    • Trimming​

    • Edging

    • Deweeding

  • Mulch installation

  • Litter/Debris Removal


Snow Removal

Residential & Commercial

Stay warm during the winter season and let us do the hard work! Our crews work diligently 24/7 throughout the winter, including all major holidays. At SIPS, we ensure to always be using brand new, top-of-the-line equipment for maximum efficiency and productivity, so you may stay rest assured that your property will be cleared and de-iced within a reasonable time.   

Parking lots  • Driveways • Sidewalks • Walkways • Entrances

* Contracts available with or without salting *

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