With time your asphalt driveway will begin to get discoloured and will develop cracks and possibly even pot holes. Regular sealing of your asphalt driveway will increase its longevity and protect your investment. As an added bonus, your driveway will look brand new which will boost your home's curb appeal. Our commercial grade oil-based sealer will restore flexibility back into your asphalt so it may become waterproof and crack-resistant.

Over time, your interlocking will begin to develop weeds, moss and dirt, leading to an unpleasant look. Regular sealing will keep it looking new by eliminating weeds and restoring the colour, whilst also protecting the stone against harmful UV rays, dirt, oil and other stains. The restoration process involves several tedious steps including powerwashing, applying new polymeric sand, and finally seal coating. When choosing a sealing contractor for your interlocking, it is important to make sure they are knowledgeable and experienced by using the highest quality materials, equipment and expertise to ensure a professional job from start to finish. Our interlock restoration specialists are equipped with the experience and equipment to help with all projects, small or large.


Stamped concrete is a beautiful way to boost curb appeal around your home. However, when not property maintained, stamped concrete will begin to lose its colour and crack, due to harmful UV rays and freeze & thaw cycles. Regular sealing will protect your investment and always keep your concrete looking new!

Natural stone such as flagstone and limestone is an amazing addition to any property. However, when left unsealed, it is prone to damage from stains, UV rays and freeze & thaw cycles. Protect your investment by regularly sealing your natural stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Sealing

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Why Seal?

Preserve It, Protect It, Seal It!

Protect your investment 

Landscaping your property is a costly investment, sometimes as much as several thousands of dollars. Regular preventative maintenance and upkeep prolongs its longevity, saving you from potentially having to replace it entirely if it gets to the point of beyond repair.

Curb Appeal

Nothing says more than a well-maintained property. From your lawn and garden to your driveway and patio, first impressions are what count the most! Spice up your property with a simple seal coating solution!

Enhance & Beautify

As with most things overtime, your landscaping will also begin to lose its natural look of when it was brand new. With time, discoloration and fading begin to become prominent. A simple sealcoating will enhance and beautify it to a brand new look.

Increase Property Value

Tremendous looking landscaping will obviously add value to your home, especially when it has been regularly maintained, and therefore is always looking up-to-date. Additionally, if you are planning to sell your home then sealcoating is a quick and affordable way to boost your property with an eye-catchy appeal.

Why Choose us?

At SIPS, we lead by using only the highest quality commercial-grade sealants and materials, as well as follow all proper procedures and protocol from start to finish, ensuring a professional end-result!   Our highly trained team of professionals is equipped with the highest quality material, equipment and expertise, having completed thousands of jobs to date.  All our sealants are applied using a high pressurized spray system, allowing for an even application, enhanced look and long-lasting finish. Also, be rest assured with our mess-free guarantee! Using state-of-the-art masking technology, we ensure the sealer stays where it belongs, rather than ending up on your curbs, walls, or garage doors, gardens or pool. 

Although there are many contractors offering similar services for a much lower cost - many of which can be found on Kijiji - a great deal of them lack the necessary experience required for the difference between a successful job and possibly a total failure. Try us out today, and you will not be disappointed!

The SIPS Advantage


Professional is what we are. Highest quality materials, procedures and workmanship from start to finish, is what sets us apart!

Pride & Passion

As professionals, we take pride and passion in everything we do for our customer. Count on us to deliver exceptional service each and every time.

Comprehensive Warranty

Stay rest assured  with our comprehensive written warranty on all our work!


All SIPS employees are insured for full liability including Property Damage, Public Liability and Worker's Compensation--- to provide you and us with extra peace of mind!

Customer Satisfaction

Above all, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We stay focused on constantly improving our customer experience, so be sure to provide us with your feedback! Be sure to Read our Reviews to see what others have to say. 

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