Lawn & Garden Maintenance


Weekly Lawn Mowing includes cutting the grass down to 2 3/4 inches, followed by trimming and blowing clean. Your choice of mulching, bagging or side discharge.

Biweekly Garden Touchup

Includes edging all the beds, hedging & shaping all bushes and shrubs, deweeding and cultivating for a neat, sharp appearance at all times.

Core Aeration

Aerate your lawn in the Spring to relieve soil compaction, get rid of thatch and get all your lawn's much needed water, air and nutrients down to the root system. Fertilizer and seed uptake are maximized with this one cost-effective service!


Rid your lawn of thatch, to allow maximum water absorption and to allow your lawn to self-replenish new grass blades for a thicker, healthier lawn!

Top Soil

Top-Dressing your lawn with Triple Mix, a special soil blended from peat moss, humus and compost allows for full rejuvenation of one of your lawn's most important health attributes - soil content. Paired with overseeding, top-dressing is one of the most effective ways to repair and prevent your lawn from natural diseases such as fungus, promoting a thicker and healthier looking lawn all year round!

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Blow and collect all leaves, dead vegetation and debris from entire lawn and boulevard sections. Rake, cultivate, and deweed all planting beds. Edge all existing edges on gardens to give a neat, sharp appearance. Prune required trees during early Spring to allow for new growth.


Fertilize up to four applications of a well-balanced, slow release fertilizer to allow for an enhanced appearance throughout the entire season, without causing unnecessary damage. 

Tree & Shrub Removal & Pruning

 Remove diseased or obstructing trees from your yard to make room for other landscape improvements. No tree too small or large for us to remove!


If your lawn is beyond repair, then sodding may very well be your last resort. At SIPS, we use the highest quality of Blue Kentucky, the native species of grass to Ontario.  

Mulch Installation

Decorate your garden beds with a layer of coloured mulch. Choose from brown, red or black. Installation available with or without landscape fabric.

Snow Removal

Residential & Commercial

Stay warm during the winter season and let us do the hard work! Our crews work diligently 24/7 throughout the winter, including all major holidays. At SIPS, we ensure to always be using brand new, top-of-the-line equipment for maximum efficiency and productivity, so you may stay rest assured that your property will be cleared and de-iced within a reasonable time.   

Parking lots  • Driveways • Sidewalks • Walkways • Entrances

* Contracts available with or without salting *

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