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Harsh Canadian winters sometimes have quite a severe impact on landscaping. Common issues include potholes, uneven pavers, drainage problems. The list goes on. 

With time, the wear and tear on landscaping becomes more and more evident. Addressing the concerns early on will increase the longevity of your landscaping as well as save you lots of money from having to fix a problem that has worsened significantly. Count on SIPS to fix up any of these common problems at a fraction of the cost of replacing it entirely!

Asphalt Repair

Hot rubberized crack filling 

  • prevents water penetration

  • long lasting

Asphalt ramp

  • relevels sunken area

  • prevents water leakage under driveway

  • smoother ride into garage


Pothole & depression repair

  • relevels and smooths affected area

Interlock Repair

Interlock Re-levelling

  • fix sunk and/or raised areas by:

    • remove all stones in affected area

    • regrade with screening

    • compact with plate tamper

    • Put all stones back; replace any severely broken and/or chipped stones

    • Add polymeric sand 

    • Apply sealer 

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All SIPS employees are insured for full liability including Property Damage, Public Liability and Worker's Compensation--- to provide you and us with extra peace of mind!

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Stay rest assured  with our comprehensive written warranty on all our work!

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